Special Edition Gradient Mobile

Special Edition Gradient Mobile


Special edition of the Gradient circle mobile blending 4 neutral shades (white - brown - natural linen - black) and an oxidized (black) brass circle touch. Exclusively available at attaliedexter.com!

These individual mobiles were inspired by the larger Orbital mobiles! Each circular loop of these mobiles is adjustable so it can have more dimension as a floating mobile or lay flat as a wall hanging!

Constructed with brass and multiple shades of waxed linen woven together to create a gradient or ombre effect.

These were designed to be able to display individually for a more minimal look or you can hang multiples together for a more layered eclectic feel. Each is sold separately.

Total dimensions are 8" wide and about 12" tall.
larger brass circle is 8" diameter
smaller brass circle is 2.5" diameter

Each mobile is sold separately.

Also pictured: Infinity mobiles, special edition horizon wall hanging

Each wall hanging and mobile is made to order. Please allow up to one week for your order to be shipped

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